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  • Feeds

    Feeds for chickens and livestock.

    Bagged feeds available in 10kg bags. 

    We also supply feeds by the kg as our customers have told us that the larger bags are just too much for a couple of young chicks or birds, therefore creating unwanted waste and expense. 

    The feeds and grains we have available are:

    Whole Wheat.

    Rolled Barley.

    Kibbled Maize.

    Crushed Oats.

    Layer Pellets.

    Chick Starter.

    Duckling Starter.

    Chicken Scratch & Lay Mix.

    Duck Layer Mix.

    Oyster Grit.

    We encourage people to bring a container from home for purchasing feeds. However we do have extra strong triple layer eco friendly paper bags available if required. 

    Reduce waste, reuse & recycle ♻️ it really is the best way. 

    To order feeds please email us.